How Should You Market to Home Buyers?

The first place to start is to understand what questions home buyers are asking and how they shop for rates online.

Top Questions About Home Mortgages

Catch potential home buyers at the top of the funnel by creating content that answers questions about mortgages. Once your content is built and optimized, you can link to it in your outbound communications as part of an outbound campaign.
"What is a reverse mortgage?"
"What is a mortgage?"
"What is mortgage insurance?"
"How much can I afford?"
"How does a mortgage work?"

Top Searches for Mortgage Rates

As home buyers move themselves down the sales funnel, they begin searching for rates. If someone is searching for rates, they are sending a pretty good signal that they are ready to receive financing on a new home purchase in a very direct way.
"mortgage rates"
"interest rates"
"mortgage rates today"
"mortgage interest rates"
"30 year mortgage rates"

Next, click on any of the images on this page to see how specific keywords stack up against one another.

People search for "30 Year Mortgage"
40x more often
than "15 Year Mortgage"

Now, whip out your calculator because roughly 3,000,000 people are searching for a way to calculate mortgage payments every month.

People search for "Best Loans"
10x more often
than "Cheap Loans"

Finally, understand how searches related to a "mortgage" should impact the offers on your website and in your communications.

We used Google Trends and Google Adwords to obtain this data