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Mortgage vs. Mortgages

You've decided that you want to use the term "mortgage" in your marketing, but realize that the plural form of the word, "mortgages," makes more sense in your communications. Which keyword should you use? The research below shows that both keywords get the same point across point across. It doesn't matter if someone is looking for a mortgage or for mortgages, the related keywords show that they're all looking for the same thing. The difference lies in the number of people searching for a "mortgage" over "mortgages." On average over the past two years, 10x more people have searched for the singular version of the keyword, "mortgage," online.

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Top Search Terms Related to Mortgage

  • calculator
  • mortgage calculator
  • mortgage rates
  • wells fargo mortgage
  • wells fargo
  • mortgage rate
  • nationstar
  • mortgage insurance
  • nationstar mortgage
  • mortgage loans

Top Search Terms Related to Mortgages

  • home mortgages
  • reverse mortgages
  • mortgage rates
  • mortgages calculator
  • fha mortgages
  • best mortgages
  • rates for mortgages
  • how mortgages work
  • reverse mortgage
  • bad credit mortgages
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