Connect Surveys
To Your Core

Send Surveys Effortlessly

Set up surveys to go out after trigger events and start building feedback loops to improve your internal processes. Responses are automatically updated every hour, providing insight into any area.

Design Surveys Without Fees

Craft the perfect survey using pre-built templates, an industry standard question bank, and your own custom questions and skip logic. Your branded surveys will look great on any device and can be reused for any purpose without additional fees.

Get Hassle-Free Insights

Dive into response data and take action without having to manually move data around. Core iQ connects survey responses back to account holders every hour so you don't have to.


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Create Lists in Seconds

Build custom lists of people to survey based on the products they have, account activity, even things like age and home branch. Or upload a list from another data system to send out a group survey for any occasion.

Training & Support

Unleash your inner survey powers with our survey training videos. With a growing video library, you’ll be creating surveys in no time.

For a more personal touch, we also train you and your team after you sign up with us. If you have additional questions or comments, shoot us an email or give us a call any time. We will get back to you by no later than the next business day.