5 Summer Savings Tips For Your Social Accounts

by Serra Doll

Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s prime time to start promoting some of your financial products. Summer is a great time to promote products like HELOCs, personal loans, and of course vacation loans.

In addition to sending your traditional marketing communications, you can also promote these products via your social channels. By sharing these helpful summer savings tips, you can gain trust and appreciation from your account holders; while also making them aware of the products your institution offers that can help them finance their summer projects and plans.

We’ve designed these five fun ‘Summer Savings Tips’ graphics just for you. Four of which can be tied back to financial products (more information on what types of products we recommend promoting alongside the design can be found on the design’s download page).

All designs are free for you to download and personalize as you see fit!

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Travel Tools - Summer Savings Tips
Water Heater - Summer Savings Tips
Tools - Summer Savings Tips
New Appliances - Summer Savings Tips
Be Thrifty - Summer Savings Tips