Back-to-School Content for Your Social Channels

by Serra Doll

It’s that time of year again...time for the little ones to go back-to-school that is. But before parents can breathe a sigh of relief from having to entertain the kids all day, there is a much more stressful task at hand. Back-to-School shopping (bum bum bummmm).

With all the chaos of making lists, hitting the stores, and orchestrating entire new school year wardrobes, it’s easy to see how parents can get overwhelmed. This chaos creates a prime communication opportunity for your bank or credit union.

By understanding the stress that these account holders are experiencing at this time of the year, and sharing helpful (and beautifully designed) tips on your social channels, you can boost your relationships and remind your account holders your institution is there to help.

As always, all of our designs are free for you to download, brand, and edit however you’d like.

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