Create an Amazing Financial Literacy Month Content Campaign

by the Onovative Team

It is April and spring is in the air. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, the team went into overdrive and pushed out a whopping 20 designs that you can use to promote financial literacy at your financial institution.

We all had a lot of fun putting these together, and hope that you really like them.

As always, feel free to download, brand and share any of the content that you see, 100% royalty free. It’s just another way we work to help save credit union marketers time.

Financial Literacy Shareables

Focus on sharing specific information to your fans and followers to help them build wealth and manage their finances. Financial literacy is important year round. So whether you’re looking to promote financial literacy in April or any time of year, feel free to download these designs and push them out.

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Floor Models - Financial Literacy Tips
Deliberate Purchases - Financial Literacy Tips
Net Worth - Financial Literacy Tips
Financial News - Financial Literacy Tips
Family Budget - Financial Literacy Tips
Announcement 1 - Financial Literacy Month
Announcement 2 - Financial Literacy Month

Youth Savings Month Shareables

According to T. Rowe Price’s annual Parents, Kids and Money Survey, a whopping 10% of the 1,000+ kids surveyed this year DO NOT have any kind of savings account. That’s up 2% from 8% the year before.

If you liked that stat, here are some more for you to download, brand and share across your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

College - Youth Savings Stats
Allowance - Youth Savings Stats
Savings Account - Youth Savings Stats
Age - Youth Savings Stats

Youth Savings Month - Instant Coloring Contest

If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend watching “NFL Bad Joke Telling” on Facebook or YouTube. It came up in my feed last month while I was on Spring Break with the family and had us all cracking up.

When I came back from vacation, I shared the video with the team and we all loved it so much, that we just had to research some killer jokes about money and create some coloring pages to help you promote youth savings in your branches.

We even have some shareable versions of the coloring pages for you to brand and promote across your social accounts. Feel free to download, brand and share the designs you like the best and let us know if you were able to use them in a contest.

Download a PDF Copy of all 5 coloring pages:

Free Download

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Dinosaur - Banking Jokes for Kids
Fish - Banking Jokes for Kids
Duck - Banking Jokes for Kids
Weather - Banking Jokes for Kids
Football - Banking Jokes for Kids

Tax Day Tips for Millennials

We pushed these out last month, but if you’re still in need of some shareable graphics providing tax tips to millennials, across your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then be sure to download these Millennial Tax tips that, Serra, one of our in-house millennials put together, just for you.

Once you’ve downloaded the designs that you like, slap your logo in the lower left hand corner and push them out to your social channels.

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Deadline - Tax Tips
Helpful Software - Tax Tips
Education Tax Savings - Tax Tips
Lifetime Learning Credit - Tax Tips
Earned Income Tax Credit - Tax Tips