Holiday Content Calendar for Banks and Credit Unions

by the Onovative Team

Communicating with your account holders on holidays is a great way to stay top of mind and strengthen the relationship.

Federal holidays, specifically, are an important communication opportunity. You should always let your account holders know of any branch closings ahead of time. Sharing a festive graphic alongside a message about any branch closings via your social channels is a quick and easy way to mark this task off your to-do list (especially if you already have the templates premade for you).

Holidays can creep up on you, though...and before you know it, you've missed your opportunity to engage with your followers on your social channels.

By setting up a marketing calendar specifically for Federal holidays (and any other holidays you'd like), it can help you avoid missing these communication touchpoints. The schedule below is an example you can use to set up your own holiday calendar.

We've gone one step further, though, to lend a helping hand.

Below you can find a variety of free social templates (already sized for Facebook and Twitter) for each holiday listed on the marketing calendar above.

These templates are 100% free for you to download, brand, modify, and share however you'd like.

Holiday Marketing Collateral

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New Years

Champagne - New Years Design
Sparkler - New Years Design

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Flag - MLK Day Design
Washington Monument - MLK Day Design
I Have A Dream - MLK Day Design
MLK - MLK Day Design
I Have A Dream 2 - MLK Day Design

Presidents' Day

White House - Presidents' Day Design
Patriotic Collage - Presidents' Day Design
American Flag - Presidents' Day Design
Red, White & Blue - Presidents' Day Design
Mount Rushmore - Presidents' Day Design
Mount Rushmore 2 - Presidents' Day Design

Valentine's Day

Hearts - Valentine's Day Design
Lollipop - Valentine's Day Design
Note - Valentine's Day Design
Roses - Valentine's Day Design

Memorial Day

Eagle - Memorial Day Design
Black and White Flag - Memorial Day Design
American Flag - Memorial Day Design
Blue Flag - Memorial Day Design
Waving Flag - Memorial Day Design

Mother's Day

Flowers - Mother's Day Design
Kisses - Mother's Day Design

Father's Day

Beach - Father's Day Design
Taking a Walk - Father's Day Design
Fun Together - Father's Day Design

Independence Day

Flag - Independence Day Design
Eagle 2 - Independence Day Design
Fireworks - Independence Day Design
Sparkler - Independence Day Design
Eagle 1 - Independence Day Design

Labor Day

Stars and Stripes - Labor Day Design
Waving Flag - Labor Day Design

Columbus Day

Antique Ship - Columbus Day Design
Ship Wheel - Columbus Day Design


Pumpkin - Halloween Design

Veterans Day

American Flag - Veterans Design
Thank You - Veterans Design


Turkey - Thanksgiving Design
Fall Foliage - Thanksgiving Design
Berries - Thanksgiving Design

Christmas Holiday

Present - Holiday Design
Snowflake - Holiday Design
Sweater - Holiday Design
Tree - Holiday Design
Holly - Holiday Design
Ornament 1 - Holiday Design
Ornament 2 - Holiday Design
Wreath - Holiday Design
Tree 2 - Holiday Design

Holiday Marketing Collateral

Want all the free social content shown above as well as email templates and suggested copy for every holiday?

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