Free Summer Content for Your Bank or Credit Union Social Channels

by the Onovative Team

The summer months are packed full of opportunities to create meaningful communication touchpoints with your account holders. Content is never an easy thing to come by if you work in the financial industry, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. We’ve been hard at work creating some sweet designs to help you communicate and stay top of mind with your account holders this summer.

So, what are these communication opportunities, you ask? Well, for one it’s a prime time to promote your vacation products. One fun and effective way to do so is via your social channels. Using one of these tastefully designed infographics, you can provide useful tips to your account holders while also tying in some product offers that can help them finance their dream vacation. It’s a win-win. All you need to do is download the ones you like, slap on your logo, and BAM, you’ve got yourself some great summer content for your social networks.

Vacation Financing Tips

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Two Savings Accounts - Vacation Tips
Personal Loan - Vacation Tips
EMV Chips - Vacation Tips
Notify Your Bank - Vacation Tips
Credit Cards - Vacation Tips

In addition to these designs, we also have a set of Summer Savings Tips that are very seasonally appropriate. These designs can also be linked to financial products. Coincidence? I think not.

Summer Savings Tips

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Travel Tools - Summer Savings Tips
Water Heater - Summer Savings Tips
Tools - Summer Savings Tips
New Appliances - Summer Savings Tips
Be Thrifty - Summer Savings Tips

Summer holidays are another great opportunity to communicate with your account holders. Just wishing them a happy birthday can increase loyalty up to 90%, so wishing them a happy 4th of July and/or a happy Father’s Day couldn’t hurt! (In fact, it will probably help…)

The 4th of July is also a Federal Holiday, meaning the majority of branch locations will be closed in observance of this holiday. It’s always best practice to notify your account holders of any closings to avoid confusion and frustration. The 4th also falls on a Tuesday this year, which increases the chance of confusion. We’ve created some festive social and postcard templates to help you wish them a happy holiday and notify them of your branch closings. Download any of the social designs you like below, or if you’d like to send a postcard, the designs can be found here.

4th of July Designs

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Flag - Independence Day Design
Eagle 2 - Independence Day Design
Fireworks - Independence Day Design
Sparkler - Independence Day Design
Eagle 1 - Independence Day Design

Father’s Day is also fast approaching, so we whipped up a couple sentimental designs so your institution can help share in the celebration.

Father’s Day Designs

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Beach - Father's Day Design
Taking a Walk - Father's Day Design
Fun Together - Father's Day Design

Happy Summer, Everyone :)