Engage Your Social Followers with Shareable Graphics

by Serra Doll

How many times have you been unhappy with the engagement you’ve received from your bank or credit union’s Facebook page?

It’s time to take a different approach.

I've put together some social survey shareables that may seem unrelated to your bank or credit union, but, in reality, they’re more connected than you might think.

When you’re trying to get your fans or followers engaged on your social accounts, it’s always important to remember to keep the conversation light, fun, and interesting. That’s because people engage with brands they like, on social media, in order to support them. They do not engage with brands on social media to get bombarded with ads.

In general, people are overwhelmingly interested in sharing their likes and interests while using social media. And they are definitely more likely to engage with an image than they are to a simple text post.

That makes these free shareables gold when it comes to getting people to interact with your institution on social channels. The designs are colorful to grab attention, and they can even be tied back to your strategic goals.

(Click through on the designs for our ideas there)

As always, download, brand, and modify any of our designs as you see fit. All of our templates are completely free for you to use and share!

Sized for Facebook and Twitter

Favorite Carnival Game - Engagement Question
Vacation of Choice - Engagement Question
Favorite Childhood Book - Engagement Question
Motivation - Engagement Question
Ice Cream - Engagement Question