Tax Tips for Millennials

by Serra Doll

Tax season is well underway, and for many of your account holders, this may be the first time they are filing them on their own. For millennials who have just entered the workforce or are still in school, tax season can be a confusing time. With ever changing income statuses and most likely a good amount of debt, millennials could use a helping hand when it comes to tax advice.


of millennials are worried about making a mistake, not getting a full refund, or paying too much on taxes.


A good way for FIs to build trust with this age group is by providing them with useful information through millennials’ channel of choice, social media. Help your account holders out this tax season by sharing some of these useful tax tips on your social sites. All designs are free for you to use and modify as you’d like. We’ve even provided a space for you to add your own branding.

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