Simple CRM for Banks and Credit Unions

Data You Can Trust

Stop Entering Data Manually
Start trusting that you have a complete view of every relationship. Nightly, automated refreshes from your core and all of your ancillary systems gives everybody confidence that your records are accurate and up-to-date.

Get The Entire Picture
Universal search gives you instant access to all your relationships, their products, and open opportunities. Drill into individual products to see even more detail, like high/low balances and additional account holders.

See Every Communication Ever Sent
Dramatically improve one-on-one conversations by giving relationship managers access to the exact wording of every email, postcard, letter, and text message delivered to all of your relationships.
Add Opportunities Four Ways

Transaction Based Opportunities
Dynamically create opportunities based on transactions or activities and instantly send out offers and reminders on behalf of any employee.

Automated Opportunities
Create opportunities from other data sources, like your mortgage lending or credit card services, and schedule automated follow-up communications.

Imported Lists
Purchased lists can be mapped and imported, allowing you to send one-off communications or set up automated campaigns for prospecting.

Single Entry
Individuals that call or stop by a branch can be added into Core iQ, with built-in protections from entering duplicate records.
Build A Sales Culture

Automate Your Internal Referral Process
Give employees the ability to add and refer new opportunities. Referred opportunities push an instant email to the primary officer, and everybody can oversee the pipeline from their custom dashboard.

Send Communications & Take Notes
Pull up an individual's record to send out a compliance-approved communication, or take notes during an officer call. Everything is tracked against that relationship's record and accessible in realtime.

Know Everyone's Communication Preference
Every communication preference can be viewed in one place, and even updated with the right permissions. Exporting a list of preference changes to keep the core up-to-date is also a snap.
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