An Email Marketing System, Connected to Your Core

Send Smarter Emails

A Connected Email System
Bring in data from your core banking system, ancillary data systems, and any other third-party data feed. Automated nightly refreshes keep everything up-to-date, so you never have to worry about sending someone the wrong message.

Ensure Email Deliverability
What good is an email that ends up in someone's SPAM folder? You work hard crafting your emails, so we run through a 7 Step Email Whitelisting Process and do everything we can to ensure that your emails are delivered.

Manage Preferences & Opt-Outs
Email subscribers can manage their opt-out preferences within specific communication categories, like product offers or newsletter. This allows them to choose the exact types of electronic communications they want to receive from your institution.
All Your Templates Together

Use Our Responsive Layouts or Import Yours
Choose from our fully responsive email template layouts, or import custom emails from your agency or design department. Then, customize your email copy and images within the template editor.

Stay on Brand
Every email built in Core iQ automatically brings in your brand colors and logo, creating a consistent, on brand look and feel. Simply choose a layout and Core iQ will bring in your branding and social links.

Built-In Compliance Process
Send proofs to your compliance team with just one click, notifying them to review and activate your work in Core iQ. Everyone can rest easy knowing that emails cannot go out without compliance approval.
Template Features

Smart Assignment
Dynamically choose who your emails are sent on behalf of. Whether it is an Assigned Banker, Branch Manager, or a specific employee. Emails can be sent from employee email addresses or from your default contact address.

Automatic Personalization
Further personalize email templates with merge fields that bring in account holder information such as names, account dates, custom third-party fields, and balance information. Further personalize your emails using dynamic banker details such as branch names, banker titles, headshots, and signatures.

Online Template Editor
Modify your templates online as you would any other document. Type or paste your copy directly into your email template layout and modify text, add lists, create links and merge fields, and add images to your emails on the fly.
Fully Automated Email

From Onboarding to Operational Emails
Build schedules and start sending automatic onboarding emails to new relationships after account opening. Automatically send holiday closure notices, privacy policy updates, even transaction based follow-ups.

Nurture Every Relationship
Create automated schedules to send birthday and anniversary emails, advertise commercial events, or just stay top of mind during the home buying process.

Add a Print Backup
Connect a postcard or letter template version of your email to any email template. Core iQ can automatically detect when you have someone's email address or not and will send the appropriate communication.
Metrics That Matter

Visualize Your Metrics
See email opens, clicks, and bounces visualized at the template level to gain a better understanding of how your communications are being received. View email clicks broken down by URL and gain further insights by seeing a device breakdown for each open.

Act on Your Outomes
Easily create campaigns based on what offers are working, what links are being clicked, and whether someone opened your last email. Segment your audience and send hyper targeted offers based on real-time metrics from your last email campaign.

Track True ROI & Conversions
Understand the people converting on your offers with email template conversion reports. Core iQ assists you in calculating true conversion rates and Cost per Conversion. We track each conversion according to your core data and can match it to any offer template a customer receives.
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