Equifax Integration
With Core iQ

Add Demographics to Your Relationships

Create smarter segments based on key characteristics and send highly targeted communications that deepen your relationships. For just $.10 per relationship, you can segment and communicate with both account holders and prospects based on Credit, Lifestage, Income, and Spending.

See the relative number of active lines, as well as relative level of credit utilization.


See dominant lifestage, marital status, and presence of children.


See which of the four main Economic Cohorts income breaks each household falls within.


See spending levels based on annual median dollar amount spent.

Automatic Daily Updates

New relationships have their demographic data automatically appended to their profile and accessible in Core iQ the day after account opening. This means that you can segment every one of your relationships with this appended demographic data at any time, without any missing demographic data in the lists and audiences that you build.

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