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Make Communicating Easier

Powered by Nightly Updates
Everyday people sign up for products, open accounts, and get approved for loans. Start communicating based on those activities with a system that can receive nightly updates from all your data feeds.

Customize Your Audience Segments
Define a product based audience for things like onboarding, new home mortgages, or indirect auto loans. Add criteria like balance and age ranges, or even custom data you have to build custom segments.

Control Your Cadence
Each audience has its own communication plan and cross-sell priority matrix. Add or remove communication touch points based on your comfort level and desired cadence with your relationships.
Triggers & Transactions

Event Based Triggers
Send out communications leading up to or after a product or service's open date, close date, maturity date, charge-off date, or renewal date. Also trigger messages on calendar dates for newsletters or seasonal campaigns.

Relationship Nurturing Triggers
Other trigger events include birth date and original customer date. Save time and increase loyalty up to 90% by automatically delivering personalized birthday and anniversary messages on behalf of your team.

Transaction Based Triggers
Up your game with automated operational communications. Core iQ can send an email after an overdraft or reminders to activate a card after so many days. We'll work with you to achieve your goals.
Automate Across Channels

Send Email, Print Mail, or Text Message
Schedule your communications as emails, postcards, letters, or SMS text messages. Compliance approved templates live in your Template Library, and Core iQ takes care of delivering everything for you.

Schedule Outbound Phone Calls
Build dynamic, daily outbound call lists for sales, promotional campaigns, or courtesy follow-ups. Connect custom call scripts to every outbound call to unify your outreach.

Control Your Spend
Take complete control over your monthly budget across digital and print communications, while only spending on what you send out. Core iQ honors your monthly limit and requires your approval to go over.
Find Out What Works

Attribute Sales to Communications
Core iQ knows the communications it sends out, and every night it learns about the day's account activity. Putting these two pieces of information together allows you to easily track offer conversions.

Increase Branch Traffic & Product Inquiries
Our customers have noticed an increase in branch foot traffic. They've also noticed an increase in product inquiries in person and over the phone after building audiences and setting up automated communication schedules.

Complete Insight Into Your Team's Actions
Learn which team members are making outbound phone calls or just following up in general and which ones aren't. Get insight into what your team is doing on a daily basis to better manage workflow.
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