Core iQ: All-In-One Communication Platform for Banks and Credit Unions

Segment Relationships
Know Every Individual
Imagine having every relationship at your fingertips. Every product, every balance, every date, every opportunity, every communication ever received. All in one easy to use system. Learn more
Data at a Glance
A customizable dashboard provides quick insight into product adoption. A simple report builder and library of 30+ reports lets anyone drill into trends and uncover opportunities.
Super Fast List Builder
Quickly create lists of people to communicate with based on age, products, status, balances, even balance fluctuations. Add your own credit and demographic data to build hyper targeted campaigns. Learn more
Automatic Onboarding
Build onboarding schedules based on products driving new relationships. Segment your audiences further, based on things like age, balances, even your own custom data. Learn more
Send Communications
Communicate Across Channels
One system to send email, event invitations, surveys, letters, postcards, and text messages - automatically. Cut hours off the time it takes pushing out communications on a daily basis.
All Your Creative in One Place
A central template library, with built-in compliance features, allows everyone to stay on brand with every communication. Add your colors and logo to our pre-built templates or add your own.
3 Ways to Communicate
Send one-off communications to individuals or groups of people. Also create automated schedules to send messages based on activity based trigger events. The only limit is your imagination.
Marketing & Operational
Save money by consolidating multiple marketing systems into one. Then save even more converting print based communications from operational systems into digital communications from Core iQ.
Sell More
Cross-Sell Like a Boss
Cross-selling is a lot easier when you know the products and services that people already have. Identify groups of people to target with specific offers, and watch your conversions go through the roof. Learn more
No-Hassle Conversion Tracking
Core iQ tracks offers being sent out, along with accounts being opened and loans being approved, on a nightly basis. The system puts these two pieces of information together daily, to show you offer conversions.
Manage Opportunities
Ensure that your team is following up with opportunities, whether they're existing or prospective relationships. Gain insight into any of your opportunities as they move through your pipeline. Learn more
Automatic Daily Call Lists
Create a list or an automated schedule and an outbound call script to turn in-branch downtime into revenue. Manage the team by tracking outbound calls made and conversion rates all in one place. Learn more
"Creating a targeted print cross-sell campaign used to take 2 weeks to get the data, create the design, and coordinate with our print provider. Now that we have Core iQ, it only takes 5 minutes!"
Kelly White, F&M Bank

Systems Core iQ Can Replace


Send personalized communications to individual account holders and build relationships. Automate your onboarding and cross-selling initiatives. Manage current and perspective relationships all in one place.


Send smart, automated, and personalized communications. Track conversion results in realtime. Only pay for the communications you actually send.


Pull instant reports using data from your core & ancillary systems. Visualize and export your data. Send instant campaigns with a click. Communicate directly to your desired target audience.

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