Big Data Insights

Machine Learning

Popular Product Combinations
Instantly analyze all of your account holders to identify your most popular product combinations. Use these insights to pair product offers with the people who can use them the most.

Cross-Selling Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Core iQ automatically analyzes popular product combinations to find the next best product to offer to your account holders based on the products they have today. If the system finds a statistical significant fit for an individual it will be shown here.
Add Data to your Data

Bring in Your Own Custom Data
Use up to 64 custom fields to add the things that you're tracking to the profile of each of your relationships. Bring everything into a single view for all of your relationships.

Enrich Your Data with Demographics from Equifax
Automatically append demographic data to each of your relationships to start segmenting them by lifestage, income, credit and spending patterns. Discover your most popular segments and through reports, then send tailored offers to your segments based on their unique needs. Learn More
Map Your Households

Know Your Account Holders
It’s one thing to see addresses in a list, but it’s another to see them on a map. Pinpoint where print communications were sent related to your branch locations and gain a new level of insight into where your messages are being received.

Build a Communication History
Each communication sent out builds a history within your account holder or prospective relationship's profile page. Employees can open the profile page and quickly pull up the communication history to locate and find a copy of every communication delivered.
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