Are you contacting account holders via phone or text?

Now you can easily tell whether a number is a landline or mobile number before you put your institution at risk.

Separate Mobile from Landlines

You need consent to communicate with both mobile phones and landlines, but communicating with a mobile phone also requires that you verify that the owner of the telephone number is still the individual who provided consent. This is currently very difficult as 37 million cell phone numbers are recycled every year. Make sure that you know exactly which telephone numbers are connected to mobile devices.

Clean Your Account Holder Data

Knowing whether a phone number belongs to a mobile phone or a landline based telephone is the first step toward faster emergency communications and TCPA violation risk mitigation. You may have mobile phone numbers in the “home phone” fields of your core banking system and not even know it. When was the last time you validated the phone numbers in your core banking system?

Reduce Your Risk of Fines

Fines for communicating over the phone without consent and verification, on mobile devices can range from $500 to $1,500 per day, per violation. Making sure you’re aware of the mobile and landlines you have on file in your core is the first step you can take toward fine risk reduction.

Fraud or Identity Theft Alerts
Know the quickest way to communicate with account holders if you feel they may be the victim of fraud or identity theft.
Notify Account Holders of Security Breaches
When a data breach happens, you need to know the fastest way to respond to those affected.
Steps To Remedy Security Breaches
Rapidly provide direction and/or an easy way for people to receive next step instructions in case of a security breach.
Actions Needed For Pending Money Transfers
Communicate with non-account holders, who you have not had the opportunity to receive consent, with details about a money transfer.
Opt-In Marketing
Make sure that the home and mobile phone numbers in your core banking system are annotated correctly.
Reduce Undelivered Messages
If you’re sending text messages or interested in sending text messages, make sure they’re going to a mobile phone.

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