Automate Your Entire Onboarding Process

Build Audiences to Onboard

Segment an Audience Based on Products
Identify the products driving new relationships, then build audiences based on those products. Audiences can be made up of people with a single product or every product in a set.

Further Refine Your Audiences
Want to communicate differently to Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers in your onboarding communications? Set age and balance ranges to your audiences to get hyper targeted.

Add 3rd Party Data to Your Audiences
If you're already purchasing credit score, demographic data, or any other kind of custom data type, map it into Core iQ's custom data fields. Then use it to define audiences as well.
Fully Automated Onboarding

Customize Communication Touch Points
Set five to seven communications in the first 90 days of a new relationship. Then refine the timing and frequency of each communication as you learn the cadence that works best for you.

Set Automatic Triggers
Choose from a number of trigger events to send out onboarding messages. Depending on the product, onboarding triggers can include open & original customer dates, as well as maturity & close dates.

Onboard Across Channels
Completely customize your onboarding schedule by choosing a communication channel for every onboarding touch point. Automatically send out emails, postcards, letters, and text messages or schedule outbound phone calls.
Automatic Cross-Selling

Add Cross-Selling to Onboarding Schedules
Build a cross-sell priority matrix filled with product and service offers that would appeal to your audience. Then add cross-sell offers as communication touch points within your onboarding schedule.

Start Cross-Selling Automatically
As people age into your cross-sell offers, Core iQ will work to find the highest priority cross-sell offer for a product or service that the individual does not already have, no manual effort needed.

Adjust Priorities & Maximum Attempts
As you start to learn which cross-sell offers resonate the best within a given audience, you're free to adjust your cross-sell offer priorities and maximum offer attempts at any time.
Make Better Offers

See Your Cross-Sell Effectiveness
Discover which automatic cross-sell offers are converting and which offers aren't. Uncover your best offers because Core iQ connects the people receiving your cross-sell offers with the accounts they open.

Find Out Who is Converting
Understand the people converting on your cross-sell offers with template conversion reports. Further analyze conversions in programs like Microsoft Excel to start making even better cross-sell offers.

Track Marketing ROI
You know your monthly spend for onboarding and cross-selling communications each month, and Core iQ makes it easy to track conversions. Put those two things together to calculate Marketing Return on Investment.
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